Who We Are

The Actor Factory is Northern Thailand’s newest theatre company. We are an arts- and artists-focused organization. We welcome people of all levels of experience as our missions include developing new talent, providing opportunities for theater veterans and above all, producing good theatre.

We have volunteer positions available both on and off stage. You may be surprised as how much goes into producing theatre. We need folks with interest and/or experience in painting, building, graphic design, sewing, data entry, web design and even shopping.

The Actor Factory‘s next show is The Pirates of Chemo by Paul Schutte.
Pirates runs September 13, 14, 20 & 21 at The Villa Virtuosa Theater in Chiang Mai.

This dramatic comedy gives us an intimate look at six women who share a diagnosis of breast cancer, all of whom are in various stages of treatment, recovery, and remission. They bond and band together in touching and often hilarious support of one another, pledging to live life to the fullest! Pirates reminds us of how the relentless spirit of the human condition responds to love and considers the idea that healing is different than cure. The Richmond Gay Times review said, “…we laugh, we cry, we empathize with those we know who have battled cancer. This cast of six isn’t just actors—pirates, to be correct—but representatives of diverse people who convince us that the curative powers of laughter and fortitude shouldn’t be discounted.

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